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We are offering your favorite classes such as Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Stilettos, Jazz, Bollywood and more starting Spring and Fall 2021. Try a few class today!  


Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite


Ages: Kiddos (Age 3-7), Juniors (Age 8-12), 

Teens (Age 13-18) and Adults (18+)

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(Disclaimer: Limited to students ranging from 3-18)

Private Classes and Events

Private Classes

We offer private classes for individuals, pairs and groups who would like to learn separately with our instructors. We teach dance routines for events, such as, a wedding, birthday, shows, performances, etc. Rates vary per the instructor and depending on how many participants are learning.


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We perform at many festivals, shows and events throughout USA. You can hire us for an event, party or performance. Contact us to get rates today.

About Us

DanceFlix Academy (DFA) is a dance studio that brings together every form of dance in one platform and is a melting pot for all the cultures and traditions to come together in one place. The certified instructors with experience in collegiate level competitions in multiple dance forms come together at DFA to teach their students the values, culture, discipline, traditions, and form for their specific style of dance. Each class is designed for students to learn from basic to advance level dance steps whilst adding in transitions and formations. Through continuous growth over the years in dance, students can achieve certification in the dance form they wish to complete. DFA will provide multiple opportunities to perform on stage at competitions, festivals, cultural programs, events and occasions. 

Our Mission  

Through the joy and love of dance, DanceFlix Academy seeks to bring cultures, traditions and values from all around the world together in one place for students to learn dance from professional choreographers, create friendships and reach the level of certification they wish to receive, so they can carry the same values in their future endeavors.