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Choreography at your footstep!

DanceFlix Weddings makes your Bollywood Dream Wedding come true.

With easy-medium-hard choreographies, you can choose from the variety of dances already created on our YouTube Chanell and can request for more.


Each request is special to us and we will do our due diligence to meet your requirements.

Requests can be adjusted per the packages. Prices may alter accordingly.

Songs not limited to Bollywood; Tollywood and Hollywood songs are permitted.

We also mix basic tracks together and mix them into a medley.

Teach Yourself (Free*)

Use our YouTube Channel’s Instructional Video to learn Bollywood Wedding Songs in your home. We post 1-2 new videos every week of a new Bollywood song that will leave the stage on fire. Leave us comments on any new song suggestion you may have.

Request Videos

If you have a specific song that you would like to perform, but cannot meet us, you can ask us to send you a personalized instructional video that you can practice at home.

Email us on to receive a quote. Price based on the length of the song(s) and difficulty.

Online Virtual Private Classes

You can reach us from any part of the world. Our wonderful instructors can teach you virtually via Zoom on any song of your choice.
Price is based on the amount of people teaching and time spent teaching.

In-Person Private Classes

If you want the personal touch, we offer private dance classes for weddings or events. It can be for an individual, duet or couple, or group(s).

Price is based on the amount of people and the time spent teaching.


If you would like a glamorous performance at your wedding or event, we organize groups to come out based on the style of dance your would like (for ex. garba, bhangra, bollywood, etc.)

Price is based on the longevity of the track and the number of performers.

Full Wedding Experience

From sangeet, to first dance, to family dances, we can do it all. If you want us to coordinate your wedding experience from the bride and groom first dance, bridal and groom party dances, friends and family performances, we offer multiple packages to make your wedding special.

How would you like our assistance today?