Anusha Hussaini
Director and Choreographer 

Anusha is the founder and director of DanceFlix Academy. Since paving her professional career, her work has been dedicated to showcase every dance style known and provide it within DFA. She loves culture and learning about new ones and wants to bring it together as a melting pot in DanceFlix Academy. She loves incorporating and combining dance styles such as, Hip-Hop, Latin, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Garba, Bhangra, Classical, etc. with Bollywood and make a fusion combination in her students dance performances. Anusha has organized over 5 recitals in the course of her dance career as well as competed nationally in Bollywood and Hip-Hop styles. With experience and certification in Film Production, she is increasing her music video releases with her students at DanceFlix Academy.

Ayana Dubose
Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Choreographer

Ayana is the ballet, Jazz and Contemporary teacher at DanceFlix Academy and has been teaching dance for six years. She has a BFA in dance from the University of Minnesota. Ayana has experience teaching ballet, tap, and jazz, in the Atlanta area, Minneapolis, and in Brooklyn,NY. Ayana is also still performing. You may have seen her onstage at the Cobb Energy Center performing with the Atlanta Opera or with City Springs Theater company ! Some of her favorite credits include Lisa: Mamma Mia, Alice: Alice In Wonderland, Minnie: West Side Story, and Peaches: Hairspray.

Sheriq “Shack” Virani
Bollywood Choreographer 

Sheriq is the choreographer and director at DanceFlix Academy’s Fayetteville location. Dance is something that has been there for him since he was 6 years old. Moving to America took him away from dance but he found his passion again when he joined the Bollywood fusion dance team Insaafi at Georgia State University. He danced with them for two years and competed regionally and nationally in Bollywood Fusion competitions and now he’s onto his next journey by making his dream come true and became a choreographer at DanceFlix Academy. 

Destiny Hale-Jennings 
Hip-Hop/Femme Hip-Hop Choreographer

Destiny is our Hip Hop Teacher at Danceflix Academy. She started dancing when she was little but began professionally training at 15. Her favorite dance genres are hip hop, femme, jazz, contemporary, and improvisation. Destiny was accepted into Brenau University as a dance major and learned from many artists such as Tiffanie Carson, Allyne D. Gartrell, Nicholas Palmquist, and Anthony Burrell. Along with that, she has also performed in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and South Korea on various occasions for KPOP competitions. One of her most important aspects of class is making the studio a safe-space for all students and staff. With Danceflix Academy being Destiny’s first teaching job in her dream field, she hopes to take it further and create her own studio someday.

Shifa Hurani

Shifa is our talented and graceful intern at our Suwanee location. She has been with DanceFlix Academy two years. She has been performing at many festivals and events for DFA.


“I’m so thankful for it and I love that I got the opportunity to teach as an intern. Being an intern taught me a lot and helped me grow as a dancer and as a person. Thanks DFA!”

Insiya Manjiyani
Office Manager/Admin 

Insiya is one of the studio managers at DanceFlix Academy and also a student learning since day one at DFA. She loves showing a story through the movement of her body, sound of music, and expressions on her face. It is like a common language around the world which allows you to work with anyone from anywhere. Her goal has always been to help others find themselves through dancing. Years of dancing came with experience of leadership and management. She now helps run all of the studios so that each student has a flawless experience.

Georgia Pirkle
Marketing Director

Georgia is our Marketing Director at DanceFlix Academy. She has been with us from the start. Her goal is to grow in every form of marketing as well as make personal connections with the many DFA supporters. Her goal is to help open many studios for DanceFlix and share the cultures and traditions of DFA with the whole world. 


Our Interns

Ritika Vakharia

Ritika is our sweet, kind, and energetic intern at DFA. She has been with us since the beginning and consistently been part of every performance and multiple music videos.


“DFA has taught me so much since I have been there. I’ve learned leadership skills, and have gained so many new friends. I am so grateful for my experience at DFA. It has become my second family.” 

Sania Madhani 

Sania is our beloved and enthusiatic intern at our Suwanee location. When she was younger, she never thought that she would ever be dancing, but once she committed, she gained a new skill, self confidence, and made many new friends. 


“I’m super greatful to DFA for helping me grow as an individual and I cant wait to see where dance takes me in the future!”

Zia Bidiwala

Zia is our lovely and kind marketing intern at our Suwanee location. She has been always passionate for dancing but never joined any studio till last year at DanceFlix Academy. 


“Since joining DFA, dancing has been really important to me and has given me so many opportunities which have turned into multiple long lasting memories and experiences which I will cherish for a lifetime.”

Diya Jiwani

Diya is our beautiful and humble intern at our Suwanee location. Diya has been dancing with the choreographer Anusha for three years and has been at DFA since it opened. 


“Anusha has been a huge inspiration for me, not only as a dancer, but as a woman. DFA has become my second home. I would not exchange my experiences here for the world. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family <3"

Faizan Khaja 

Faizan is our amazing and expressive intern at our Fayetteville location. Faizan is an aspiring young individual who wants to accomplish many great things in the world, but also enjoys the little things in life. He loves to entertain and make people smile by singing, dancing, and acting. 


“I am always ready for new adventures in life and really happy to be interning at DFA ♡”