Dancing Builds Relationships and Overall Well-Being

Team sports and group activities help a person experience a sense of unity and teamwork, which promotes more social activity. Teaching children to be a part of something bigger than themselves will help establish communication and friendships with teammates to improve and promote social bonding. This in turn helps improve the mood and well being of an individual. At DanceFlix Academy we focus on being part of a team to promote a cooperative effort between individuals to take turns, share, and listen to others while coming together for a choreographed dance. You learn the value of discipline, commitment, and work ethic through practice and hard work. Although practice is a lot of hard work, this helps a child apply themselves and accomplish tasks; which can improve social but more importantly improve academic performance and help with thinking on both sides of the brain. 

Dancing is Good for Mental Health and Self Esteem

Dance provides an artistic way to express your feelings and utilizes your body as a tool to communicate those emotions. The act of dancing and doing something you love helps improve mood, lowers stress, and lowers anxiety. Dancing is very beneficial to your mental health and your mental health is enhanced through regular exercise and movement. At DanceFlix Academy we strive to promote personal growth with each student to help build self confidence and self esteem. You are constantly performing in front of people whether it is your classmates or an audience, which helps you become less self conscious and could even help improve public speaking or speaking in front of an audience in general.